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Creativo Design & Contracting Co Ltd Creativo Design & Contracting Co Ltd

7/F, Union Industrial Bldg 116 Wai Yip Street
Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 3157 1898
Fax: (852) 3157 1896
Website: www.creativo-ltd.com

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Nature of Business

Creativo Design & Contracting Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong based company. Our aim is to provide the best service for our customer. Our products include, Artistic Decoration Finish (Venetian Plaster, Faux Plaster, Colour wash, Innovative coating and Leaf Work Painting) and artwork, art piece (Fiberglass reinforced Gypsum(GRG), Fiberglass reinforced Plastic(GRP), Metal, Resin and custom-made décor) for interior and exterior use. We also provide the artwork design consultant services. Our products are mostly used in luxurious hotel, school, shopping arcade, clubhouse, restaurants, commercial organization and residence.

We are the sole distributor of Stucco Italiano in Hong Kong, Macau and China area.

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Materials & Equipment -> Coatings, Granite Texture
Materials & Equipment -> Coatings, Multi-Colour Paint
Materials & Equipment -> Coatings, Water Based
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Materials & Equipment -> Glass Reinforced Polyester, GRP
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Materials & Equipment -> Metal Wall Panel Units
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Materials & Equipment -> Mouldings, Fibreglass
Materials & Equipment -> Mural Paintings
Materials & Equipment -> Paints & Varnishes
Materials & Equipment -> Plastering Materials
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Materials & Equipment -> Resin
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Materials & Equipment -> Stainless Steel, Decoration
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Materials & Equipment -> Wall Panels, Prefabricated
Services -> Painting Contractors
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Products & Services
Italiano Marmorino Plaster - Creativo Design & Contracting Co Ltd Italiano Marmorino Plaster

- Material brand: Stucco Italiano Marmorino Fine/ Coarse/ Medium/ Velvet/ Metallic
Stucco Lava/ Seta/ Travertino
Liberty Arena/ Epoque
Ossidato Light and Dark  
- Material feature: A mixture of resin and quartz;
High hardness and durability;
Decorative - Faux Plaster applied on: Walls/Ceiling/ Pillars/any flat surface…
It is suitable for ...more
Creativo GRG decor - Creativo Design & Contracting Co Ltd Creativo GRG decor

- Description :  Fiberglass reinforced gypsum (GRG)  Ideal for creating shapes and designs;   Seamless;  Durability;   GB 8624-2012 fire test A1  - GRG applied on:   Relief/ Sculptures/ Walls/Ceilings/ Pillars/any flat surface…  It is suitable for your:   Interior or exterior wall decoration, Shopping mall, Museum, Hotel, Clubhouse, Lobby and Public Art Area etc.  - Texture:  Smooth, textured ...more
 Creativo Design & Contracting Co Ltd (活藝術裝飾有限公司)
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