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Hung Yim City Street Furniture Ltd Hung Yim City Street Furniture Ltd
G/F, 69C Bedford Road Tai Kok Tsui
Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2836 6968, Mobile: King - (852) 6556 1469
Website: www.hungyim.com

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Nature of Business

Welcome to HungYim City Street Furniture and prefabricated various structural parts, Street Furniture Comprehensive Engineering Service Provider.
Founded in 2013, we design, Fabrication and install custom green, eco-friendly urban street furniture, creative urban amenities, and public furniture. Garbage bins and recycling devices, street flower troughs and seats, benches, city indicator systems, public art, flower boxes, tree grilles, bus stops, shade canopies, shops, flagpoles, anti-collision columns, bicycle parking System, bar river, carport, The range covers all landscape design requirements from modern to traditional classics, including steel, stainless steel, FSC wood, granite and recycled plastic.
Our partners include urban planners, public sector, architects, landscape architects, urban planners, school playground designers, contractors and more clients. We contribute to their philosophy, design as a result, and building a remarkable public space.
Provide design drawing services for customers free of charge. 
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Brand Names



Materials & Equipment -> Cable Trellis System, Green Wall
Materials & Equipment -> Expanded Metal Mesh, Stainless Steel
Materials & Equipment -> Flower Pots, Recycled Wood
Materials & Equipment -> Flower Pots, Stainless Steel
Materials & Equipment -> Furniture, Street
Materials & Equipment -> Green Climber System
Materials & Equipment -> Seatings, Outdoor
Materials & Equipment -> Seatings, Outdoor Bench
Materials & Equipment -> Seatings, Stadium
Materials & Equipment -> Timber, Environmental Landscape
Materials & Equipment -> Wire Systems, Green Solution
 Hung Yim City Street Furniture Ltd
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