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Company Product & Service Description
PROVA Inspection & Testing Company (Hong Kong) Ltd  華鋼檢測(香港)有限公司

Lot No. 4114, In D.D. 104 Yuen Long, N.T.
Hong Kong

PROVA 檢測(香港)有限公司,順應工程顧問服務、破壞性和非破壞性測試、焊接檢驗、塗層檢驗、質量保證和質量控制等領域對獨立的第三方檢測機構的日益發展需求而成立。本公司已由政府認證、香港實驗所認可計劃(HOKLAS)和香港檢驗機構認可計劃(HKIAS)認可。 


憑借豐富的專業資源和技能,PROVA 贏得了卓越的聲譽,可以為客戶提供如下服務:
- 非破壞性及破壞性檢驗及測試
- 工程檢驗
- 焊接檢驗
- 焊工資格考核
- 焊接認可及其工藝評定
- 塗層檢驗及測試
- 材料的確認及鑒定
- 水務設施檢驗
- 玻璃熱浸處理見證
- 焊接檢測員培訓

工程技術檢查   Technical inspection         1 鋼結構製作和安裝跟蹤檢查   Inspection on fabrication and installation of structural steel         2 澆灌混凝土前後的檢查   Pre and post concrete pouring inspection         ...more

CWL Architects & Surveyors Ltd  朱黃倫建築師測量師有限公司

1602, 16/F Win Plaza 9 Sheung Hei Street
San Po Kong Kowloon

CWL Architects & Surveyors Limited (formerly Wong Man Hong Surveyors Limited) was established in 2002 by Mr. Wong Man Hong and a group of talented professionals with an objective to provide professional services to cater for the need of different tiers of the society. The firm has achieved 18 years of successful and outstanding performance and has developed into a multi-disciplinary professional firm ...more
CWL Architects & Surveyors Limited (formerly Wong Man Hong Surveyors Limited) provides a wide range of Architectural and Building Surveying Consultancy Services for Clients in both private and public sector for Redevelopment Works, Architectural Design, Addition & Alteration Works, Lease Modifications, Condition Surveys, Mandatory Building and Window Inspection, Expert Witness (Water Seepage and Contractual ...more

Marvel Harvest Ltd & Marvel Harvest International Ltd  萬隆哈佛士有限公司 & 萬隆哈佛士國際有限公司

Unit A1, 14/F Chaiwan Industrial Centre 20 Lee Chung Street
Chai Wan Hong Kong

Marvel Harvest was established in 1981 as a company providing service in both consultancy and construction works. We are a registered contractor under Buildings Department and have the ISO 9001 certification. We also supply high-quality construction products from overseas countries such as Japan and Europe.                                                                            Our scope of work ...more
Silikal MMA Flooring is a fast curing floor coating that can be applied and cured within ONE to a few hours, where application temperature can be as low as zero degree! Its application includes supermarkets, food industries, shops, and industrial floors where it is susceptible to chemicals such as alkalis and acids, and where there is a high requirement in wear and tear. Unliky epoxy, it is more durable ...more

Yeung's Fiberglass Co  

Unit B 22/F CNT Tower 338 Hennessy Road
Wan Chai Hong Kong


A&D Surveyors Ltd  先達測量師行有限公司

Unit C 22/F Lockhart Centre 301-307 Lockhart Road
Wan Chai Hong Kong



8/F Grand Central Plaza Tower II 138 Shatin Rural Committee Road
Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong


Aecom Asia Co Ltd  

8/F Grand Central Plaza Tower II 138 Shatin Rural Committee Road
Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong


Albert So Surveyors Ltd  蘇振顯測量行有限公司

Unit H2, 17/F M G Tower 133 Hoi Bun Road
Kwun Tong Kowloon


Alliance Professional Surveyors Co Ltd  

Unit 3, 12/F Harry Industrial Building 49-51 Au Pui Wan Street
Fo Tan Shatin, N.T.


Ample Surveyor Services Ltd  安普測量服務有限公司

Room 1601A 16/F Peninsula Square 18 Sung On Street
Hung Hom Kowloon


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